There is no better way to celebrate the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country then a sale!

Holiday Weekend Travel Expected To Higher Than Last Year
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There will be traffic and parades and sales all weekend long and you won't know why you're stuck in traffic, but you will be late for work because you will not be able to find parking, because ironically the customers always show up before the workers do and then your Boss is going to ask why you are late.

It's Labor Day weekend and if you're a retail clerk or in food services you probably have to work.

Doctors and nurses have to work to, that's because all of the people who don't have to work are going to be going on picnics and to the beach to milk the last days of summer. So that means people will be getting in to car accidents, choking on hotdogs, drowning, and having firework related incidents because they want to blow off what they have left over from the 4th of July.

The people who have to work will be complaining about how they have to work, then they're going to get drunk, and if they have any time available during the weekend they will join in on the fun and make some other person's life miserable who does not want to be working on Labor Day weekend.

That's what Labor Day is all about in modern day America: Sales, Deals and Fun!

I have not had the chance to check out all the sales happening this weekend because I have been working.