Last summer several lakes in New York were essentially shut down due to dangerous algae blooms that developed on local lakes and a few beloved pets died after swimming in infected lakes.

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One of the most dangerous types is the Blue-Green Algae that has been found in many area lakes as well as ponds in New York City. Blue-Green Algae is very dangerous to dogs because of their tendency to swim and drink the lake water while they are swimming. Officials also said that dogs should be kept on leashes and should not be allowed to swim or drink from ponds that are not specifically designated for that.

One couple that lost their dog due to Blue-Green Algae according to Spectrum News said that after swimming in the pond the dog developed symptoms of algae poisoning and died within 45 minutes. So the danger is very real to our pets.

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Human contact with the Blue-Green algae can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea as well as skin and eye irritation, and asthma-like symptoms.

The New York Parks Department is trying to fight algae blooms of all types with a new "floating treatment" that looks like a patch of seaweed floating on the surface of lakes. Biologists from NYS Parks are in the process of constructing these Floating Treatment Wetlands to try and treat the excess nutrient problem in our lake. They also help increase the oxygen levels in the water to help prevent algae blooms.

To check on water quality on area lakes go to


The next time you visit our Park you may notice something new, Floating Treatment Wetlands in the lake! In recent years...

Posted by Moreau Lake State Park on Monday, May 10, 2021

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