Nearly Decapitated Cairo Canine Doing ‘Peachy’ Now [PIC]
I still can't believe that someone would brutally hurt an innocent animal. What happened to Peaches is unfathomable. Back on June 29th, Patricia Waldron, Peaches owner stabbed her dog several times and tried to decapitate her with a sword. She then left Peaches for hours bleeding. Fortunately, …
And Now, Your Dog Can Curse Too
Now, you don't have to be the only one ticked off and throwing out profanities.  Man's best friend can join in on the fun too.
Dogs are already perfect, let's face it.  They're loyal, they're active, they're cuddly, they're cute, they're protective
Local College Now Offering Degree in Dog Training
Animal lover?  Well, you can now get a degree in dog training at an upstate college.
It's not all just hanging out with dogs and having fun though.  According to the Times Union, SUNY Cobleskill is now offering a bachelor's degree in dog training and handling...

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