Well, that’s not an exciting wedding-related announcement!

David’s Bridal has filed for bankruptcy.  However, according to a post by WNYT, if you’ve already ordered a dress- you’re safe.  The company is in more than $400 million of long-term debt, and is going bankrupt to help wipe that out.  They are apparently restructuring so that they can continue in business.  You can get more info here.

I only ever tried to use David’s Bridal once, ordering a dress online.  It didn’t pan out- there was some computer glitch and my order never got processed.  So, they never got my business.  I can’t really speak to what the store is like.  But I know the name is a staple, for both prom and weddings, and we’ve got some around the Capital District. So, I say let’s hope they figure out how to stay in business.  Too many stores have been closing down around here.