The "World's Strongest Coffee" may very well be "the strongest in the Galaxy" after the Capital Regions own Death Wish Coffee was delivered to the International Space Station via the SpaceX rocket!

So the story goes, that after the gentlemen that host the Fueled by Death Cast had retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott - the first person to paint in space, and a coffee lover - on an early episode of their podcast they discovered that some of the work that the astronauts are doing out there in outer space is really exhausting.They all joked that they should somehow get Death Wish Coffee into space.

As it turns out that joke has since turned into a reality. According to the Death Wish Coffee Blog with the help of Nicole and NASA Food Labs they managed to create an,

Instant blend of freeze-dried coffee, packaged by NASA in astronaut drink pouches. It’s designed to caffeinate the crew aboard the International Space Station, without sacrificing the coffee’s texture, flavor, and potency.

On Friday, the Death Wish Drink Pouches hitched a ride on the SpaceX rocket to be delivered to the astronauts of Exhibition 56 who are currently living aboard the International Space Station! You can watch Death Wish's Facebook Live of the launch here and the official video from SpaceX below.

It has been so cool to follow Death Wish's journey from their humble beginnings at a coffee shop Saratoga Springs to their Super Bowl Commercial Win and now fueling astronauts in space. I couldn't be happier for the whole crew at Death Wish who are always surprising me with new ways to get the "World's Strongest Coffee" t the people of the world, and now the galaxy!