Like literally, saying home is an understatement. This might as well have a moat around it, it's a damn castle!

Yankees legend, Derek Jeter is selling perhaps his most expensive memorabilia, a former home of his. This thing is insane.

Derek Jeter Upstate New York Home For Sale

Like really, good lord. I will take the guest house! A house like this may seem like a boat load of loot to drop on a house, think about how much this thing will remain worth though. Of course the upkeep is probably ridiculous, but if you have the money to buy it, that isn't a huge deal right?

I am stunned he has a Statue of Liberty on the property. Plus all of the water views and mountain views too. The bedrooms are the size of my whole house and the guest house is bigger than 2-3 of my houses. Can you just imagine living here?

Side note, is it really Upstate New York? It is within reasonable driving distance of New York City. I suppose if you worked an entire career in the Bronx, this could be considered upstate. It is located at 14 Lake Shore Road Greenwood Lake, NY.

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