Are you like me? After I mow the lawn I admire my work. Even in the Winter after shoveling. I can stand there for a solid 10 minutes taking it all in and then looking over to my neighbors home to feel even better about what I have done.

As I perform this ritual, Not a detail is missed. Not even the exterior of the home itself. So, if I pulled in the driveway one afternoon and took a look I would notice even the slightest alteration, especially something sticking out of my roof!

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According to New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Walraven received a complaint of a possible Hunting Related Shooting last week in Ulster County.

On Monday December 13th, Walraven reported to a residence in the town of Wawarsing to meet with the concerned complainant. The individual stated that they noticed a crossbow bolt sticking out of her metal roofing and suspected it came from a hunter! It appeared there were no injuries but where did the bolt come from?


ECO Walraven set out to look for evidence and see if a suspect could be found. It didn't take long before an individual was located and arrested. The suspect is facing misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment in the 2nd degree and discharging a crossbow within 250 feet of a dwelling, as well as a violation for failing to report deer harvest as required.

One moral of this story is to not go sticking your bolt where it doesn't belong.

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