New York, a giant melting pot of numerous ethnicities. This is clearly evident in the list of the top 25 last names. Check it out.

Now, for me, I am Italian. I have some German and Irish roots in my family as well, but my last name is very Italian. With that said, mine did not make the top 25. I have the kind of last name where I get, "hey, are you related to..", No, I am not, that is the other family.

If you have a bit more common of a last name, maybe you made the list. Here it is.

  1. Smith
  2. Brown
  3. Williams
  4. Johnson
  5. Miller
  6. Jones
  7. Rodriguez
  8. Lee
  9. Davis
  10. Rivera
  11. Thomas
  12. Wilson
  13. Gonzalez
  14. White
  15. Martinez
  16. Garcia
  17. Perez
  18. Martin
  19. Lopez
  20. Lewis
  21. Taylor
  22. Thompson
  23. Anderson
  24. Jackson
  25. Moore

More Hispanic names made the list than I expected but it just proves New York has so many people from all walks of life.

Is your name on the list?

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