Have you seen those shows on TV about the tiny houses? They're people who want to sell most of what they have so they can live minimally. If you want to give it a try, there's one soon in Glens Falls!

More than a year ago, according to the Post Star, a house in Glens Falls was almost to rubble. In 2017, the city was looking to demolish the house but the community didn't want the tiny house to be knocked down. It's also historic, being one of only a handful of "Second Empire-style houses" remaining in Glens Falls.

The current owners bought the house for $1 and decided to bring it up to code, except the renovations were more than they expected. After a ton of work to rehab this entire house, their hope is to have the house done by spring this year. They hope to eventually rent out the house for a few years.

The Post Star says, "The first floor will include a living room, kitchen and a bathroom. The second floor will have a bedroom and a small bathroom."

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