Gaming juggernaut Minecraft continues to add iconic characters to its catalog of in-game costumes with the 'Doctor Who' pack, which will inject a bit of time-traveling adventure into the Xbox 360 version of the wildly popular crafting game starting in September.

The Xbox Wire reports that a partnership between Microsoft Studios, Mojang and the BBC made this possible, and that multiple packs of Doctor Who content will be coming throughout the rest of the year. According to the announcement, "players will have access to a wide selection of the best characters from the entire 50 years of Doctor Who, with six Doctors in each skin pack – starting off with the 11th Doctor and five other Doctors, their companions, their biggest adversaries and the Doctors’ arch-enemy, the Daleks."

This is yet another big coup for Mojang's cash-printing machine, as the legions of Doctor Who fans throughout the world are sure to pick up these costume packs as they launch. Some may wait for their favorite Doctors or companions, others may just download the Daleks and be done with it, but there's no question that these costumes should be mighty popular. We expect the number of in-game TARDISes to skyrocket starting with the first costume pack sometime in September.