This CDC PSA on TV always annoys the hell out of me and I don’t know why.  Oh wait, yes I do! It’s because I have to stare at a disgusting zombie for 30 seconds! Thanks Centers for Disease Control for making it extremely difficult for me to finish my ice cream. I’ll just eat around the cookie dough that looks like Terrie's scabs.

I understand smoking is bad for you. To be quite honest, I find smoking absolutely disgusting. I’ve had 2 grandfathers and a great uncle with lung cancer due to smoking. The message needs to be made to keep young kids from smoking but is old bird house throat here really the answer? The only issue she has here is not knowing when to quit. I don’t mean quit cigarettes either. She decided to smoke and that was a horrible decision. But what now, is she really going to stick around long enough to be remembered as a hairless hole in the esophagus with no teeth? Just stop, quit now and cash in all the chips.

Maybe I’m being a self centered jerk, but I’m not the one ruining people’s ice cream time in front of the TV. Sure this woman is being portrayed and exploited like this to send a message. The message is “if you smoke you end up like this”. Solid point, but guess what? I don’t smoke and I am past the point of being a stupid 14 year old so I don’t think I ever will start. I just don’t like being grouped into this mass audience who has to suffer through this image every day.

Maybe try a less repulsive approach. Maybe lists off facts about how many people die a year from smoking or how pointless and expensive it is. Or maybe replace the human flute neck here with a hot chick who says she only dates dudes who don’t smoke. Then smother her in barbeque sauce. It works for Carl’s JR. .. I think. I don’t smoke so I don’t need to know how I’ll end up like Terri. And even if I did smoke I would never let myself get to the point of walking dead extra. If I lost my teeth, hair and the ability to swim without the risk of my throat filling up with water due to a hole, I’d quite life.


Long Story Short: People please stop smoking so you can live longer and I can eat ice cream in peace! 


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