We have all made instruments out of our dashboard, kitchen table and even thin air. Have you ever thought of using a cigar box? There is a guy in Plattsburgh that has and he has caught the attention of Zakk Wylde and Roger Fisher, formerly of Heart.

According to News10 ABC, Scott Hanley, owner of Hanley's Cigar Box Guitars, said he started building his first one about two years ago, and “never stopped.” Hanley has completed over 150 guitars and says that each one is unique, and each one has a different sound to it.   

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Check these out:

YouTube.com - Scott Hanley

Booker's Bourbon Whiskey Box Guitar

This is the first Cigar Box Guitar Scott made. YouTube.com - Home Town Cable Network
YouTube.com - Scott Hanley

This reminds me of the opening scene of It Might Get Loud when Jack White builds a guitar out of almost nothing.

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