We had some stupid games growing up. Most of which we choose to forget because we played with them once, realized how bad they were, and proceeded to let it collect dust in the closet until our parents sold it in a garage sale for 50 cents.

I have a 4 year old niece and 2 year old nephew, I like buying them games that are childhood staples - Operation, Chutes & Ladders, etc. This new game, I hope, will not become one of those staples - Doogie Doo - yet, I can see them asking for it.

First, watch the 15 second TV commercial for the game


Pretty messed up right?

This is supposed to teach a kid responsibility for a pet? You feed the "dog" Play-dough and wait for it to 'poop' it out? Your child can even take the dog with you on trips to the store, vacation, etc.

Is there more? Glad you asked, please watch how to play the game.


It gets better, Goliath have other games like this including Pop The Pig


The next generation of games or lame ideas for games?

To finish us out, just for fun and my personal enjoyment, here's The Vandals "Designed By Satan"

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