Well this could sure be a fun change of pace for your weekly game night!

So you know how when you and your friends or family get together for game night there is always kind of that "can we make it work factor"? Like do we have enough games with enough player pieces or enough places to sit in the living room or at the dining table? While you could usually make it work by playing teams and having someone pull up a cooler or ottoman what if I told you there will soon be a new cafe opening up in Troy that can accommodate all your players?

One of the first tenants in the new News Apartments, the building that once housed the Troy Record, at Broadway and 5th Ave. will be Bard & Baker a full on board game cafe! The new spot is hoping to open at some point this September and will start off with 350 games that you can come and play, all day for just a $5 cover.

According to All Over Albany Bard & Baker plans to focus on hospitality and interesting food and drink. As of now it looks like pastries and a variety of drinks centered around tea. Like bubble tea, tea lattes, and tea cocktails. They're also planning to offer beer and wine.

We'll keep you posted when an officially opening date is announced so you can get your game on!