It's not only sad, it's unnecessary.

As much fun as we have talking about the woe's of spending all day with the family for Thanksgiving, I really couldn't imagine not spending the whole day with the fam. Not everyone is lucky enough to just be able to count on it.

Whatever the reason is, there is a place that wants to make sure you at least have the option to not be alone on Thanksgiving, and if I were, I would def go do this. Nite Moves in Latham has a tradition of being available on Thanksgiving. For no more then you would pay to get in on any other night, Nite Moves will also have a catered Thanksgiving buffet, according to the Times Union.

If it does look like you're going to be alone for Thanksgiving, why not give this a try, if nothing else you can commiserate with other people who don't have a place to be on Thanksgiving, and get a lap dance from the same person.