Glens Falls has already seen some changes in recent years, from the Civic Center to the now Cool Insuring Arena.  And more is yet to come.

The city has a plan to upgrade the empty store fronts and areas around Glen Street.  Back in 2016, Glens Falls got a $10 million revitalization grant, and it is being put to use.  According to News Channel 13, three buildings are going to be knocked down as part of the upgrade project.  In place with be a space for events and a year-round farmers market.  News Channel 13 is reporting that the area is going to be called ‘Market Square at South Street’.

It might take a few years to complete of course, and the city according to reports hopes to open the new market place by Sprin of 2021.  It seems like one of the goals that’s mentioned in the report is the idea of making Glens Falls a walking city fulls of shops and stores and such.  As someone who spent many years living in Burlington, VT, I know what it’s like to live in a ‘walking city’ full of shops and stores.  It has conveniences for sure, but it also was very expensive.  So I’m interested, what are your thoughts on this project?