The worlds greatest actor may have had a bit to much to drink, and is now in a little bit of trouble.

Nicholas Cage may be able to land a plane full of convicts and steal the Declaration of Independence but apparently he can't hold his liqueur.

Earlier today Cage and his wife were seen arguing outside of a home in New Orleans, a home that he claimed that they were renting.  However his wife told the nice police officers on the scene that the home wasn't their home.  That set Cage off because he then began slamming into cars and hitting things then tried to make an epic escape in a taxi until police arrested him.

He was released on $11,000 bond.  He has a little history with run in's with the law.  Previously he has been booked on domestic abuse charges, public drunkenness, battery and disturbing the peace.  Maybe the pressure of releasing flop after flop finally got to him.  I mean The Sorcerers Apprentice?  Really?  That  seems as ridiculous as putting him in a medieval film about a witch, oh wait.