Your hero of the day plays in a cover band… who would have thought? Thanks to the rock and metal nihilists at Catatonicyouths, we’ve been introduced to this amazing drummer, who performs on a kit attached to giant springs.

How do you turn your drums into a trampoline? Head to Home Depot and grab springs so large they could trampoline you into the ionosphere.

This rig is pretty impressive. Four springs attach this guy to a steel frame, keeping the guy strangely well-balanced as he treats his kit like a rodeo bull. Most of his full kit is supported, while two crash cymbals, a ride and an extra tom are kept steady outside the bouncy kit.

Throughout this one-minute clip, the band rocks a solid cover of T. Rex’s “Bang a Gong (Get It On).” Of course, the drummer doesn’t miss a single beat or a hit of his cymbals, despite being bounced around to a different spot each measure.

The drum kit is actually called a Boingy Boingy kit, which has the player sit on an oil barrel attached to Camero and Oldsmobile springs. According to New Atlas, the kits run for $4,000 Canadian.

Check out this superhuman drummer and his ridiculous bouncy kit in the clip above.

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