A Los Angeles gymnast obsessed with trolls says her husband refuses to have sex unless she removes her gnarly gnome mask.”  This dude sounds like a prude! The TLC network has become the best place to observe freaks from a distance. Recently on “My Crazy obsession” they meet with a woman who calls herself a gymnast obsessed with trolls. She has thousands of dolls, clothing and masks. She even desires to wear the mask while in bed with her husband but he puts the kibosh on that. Or at least for the public eye he says he does.

First off how can you be pushing middle aged and still call yourself a gymnast? Yes this chick ahs a decent body but gymnast she is not. You stop being a gymnast right around the same time you have your first period. Have you watched the Olympics? How many 20 or 30 year old girls do you see on that team troll lady? None!

Second, what’s this dude’s issue? This chick has a face like a crescent moon. A troll mask could only be an improvement to the mug she’s working with. This chick is clearly a loony tune and is into some freaky stuff. So if she wants to rock a Troll mask while you two get it on, by all means let her.

Besides, have you seen some of these trolls? Man what I would give to climb into the sack with old grumpy grandpa troll here. Yum!