Thrice is back from hiatus with a killer new album not to mention a full fledged tour and we got to sit down with front man Dustin Kensrue to talk all about it ...

A few years back Thrice decided that they needed a bit of a breather. Between the constant touring and record cycle and the time spent away from their families they just really needed a break. At that point in time a lot of people were convinced that was it and that was the end of Thrice.

Well evidently that was soooooo not the case. After a couple years hiatus Thrice is back with a brand new album called "To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere" and they are even back on the road (however on their own terms). I got to sit down and talk with lead singer Dustin Kensrue recently about everything the band has going on from the new album, to the tour, and even a bit about their recent search for tiki bars in every city.

"To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere" is out and available now! If you don't have it yet go get it!