We all have a favorite Easter candy but there are only two chocolates filled eggs that we hold dear and it's finally time to figure out which one is the best.


Tomorrow is Easter which means millions of kids around the world will be waking up to find hidden baskets filled with all kinds of candy.  This time of the year every candy company has their kind of chocolate egg, but none or more special than the creme filled Cadbury egg or the peanut buttery goodness of a Reeses egg.

Last weekend Monte posted about Cadbury eggs.  So I shared it one facebook and asked what everyone's favorite Easter candy was and there was an overwhelming vote for Cadbury and Reeses eggs.  Sure there were a few votes for peeps in there but the main votes were for the eggs.

Now personally I really like the Reeses egg, but Reeses peanut butter cups are my favorite candy no matter what time of year it is.  I also enjoy the Cadbury egg, but that's because it's the only time of year we can get those.  Reeses are available all year round.  They have Christmas trees with peanut butter, snowmen, and I'm pretty sure pumpkins at Halloween, not to mention you can find the regular peanut butter cups, Reeses pieces and mini Reeses any time you want.

I think the fact that the Cadbury creme egg is only around during Easter is what makes it that much more special.  People crave them.  As a matter of fact when I went to get a couple at the store I couldn't find them.  To be fair I already enjoyed a couple a few weeks ago but as we are closer to Easter they are impossible to find.  I mean I guess you could settle for the Cadbury caramel eggs, but it's just not the same.  So for the special meaning to people, I have to give a few points to the Cadbury egg.

Now the taste battle.  Who can pass up that awesome peanut butter cup taste that Reeses brings to the table. Though I will admit that what lies inside of the Cadbury egg is very unique.  I don't think there is another candy quite like it.  So reluctantly I have to give another point to Cadbury for that.  The fact that I could still find Reeses eggs should be a statement to what the people want.  I still say my favorite will always be the Reeses egg, but for this time of the year I think the winner is the Cadbury egg simply because it's the only time you can get it.  It screams  Easter and even this Reeses freak has to realize that "no body knows Easter better than Cadbury".

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