The perfect cologne for bacon lovers has hit the market.  Not only can you enjoy the nice crispy strips of goodness, now you can smell like it as you eat it.


Just when you thought people couldn't go any crazier for bacon, they can smell like it.  That's right, you can splash on some nice bacon smell and then hit the town thanks to a Chicago based entrepreneur who has developed the cologne.  It's called bacōn and you can get your own bottle of it here.

The scents creator John Leydon said he hopes to see it in department stores very soon, but for now you can get it online.  He got the idea while over hearing a couple Frenchmen talk about their love of bacon and hearing the tale of a legendary French butcher would would bottle the scent of bacon.  The scent was said to be bought by very important people and the smell would trigger fond memories.  I don't know how true it is or well this product will do, but it seems more like a novelty gift.

Sure people like to eat bacon, but do they really want to smell like it all day?  Have you ever been cooking breakfast and when your done and relaxing and you still smell like the bacon you cooked, you change your cloths or at least I do.  This is the most ridiculous scent to hit the market since vulva.  If your not familiar with vulva, it's a scent men can put on to smell like lady parts.  That is way more weird than bacon, but equally stupid.

If I see someone who smells like bacon, I don't think oh wow what's that smell?  I think oh man what a slob.  I couldn't help but feel greasy after putting it on.  Way to weird for me, but I am sure that people will buy it.

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