A challenge that really, really was nerve racking. Lets see what 95% alcohol is all about.

Everclear, I supposed the name is definitely correct seeing as this stuff looks like water. It certainly doesn't smell like water, instead like a weak vodka. Figure that, it smells like a measly 40% alcohol vodka. Certainly packed more of a punch. This stuff for the price is something that will get you bombed but I wouldn't recommend you drinking this straight. Even shots are dangerous.

The almost pure alcohol makes it hard to breathe for a few seconds afterward which is a bit scary. Also I did this on a sort of empty stomach, definitely not a great idea. Luckily I had some bread on hand and ate a few slices.

The whole point to Q or Dare is to do some daring challenges, I am a bit daring and enjoy watching some of the challenge videos on YouTube. The other point is that I want to hear what challenges you would like us to try. Leave some suggestions in the comments.