Say what you want about Everlast, but you have to give credit to the man for still putting out music to this day. Many remember him from his House of Pain days in the early 90's and others know him from when he switched musical styles and became a rock vocalist in the late 90's.

In any case, he has survived many musical phases and industry changes. His latest effort is an all acoustic album entitled "The Life Acoustic". The album is a collection of hist covering Everlast's entire career plus a few covers in acoustic form, including the anthem "Jump Around" (referred to on the album as "Jump Around?")

It's cool to hear an acoustic take on what is a very upbeat song.

Check it out above and make sure to check out the rest "The Life Acoustic", track list below

1. Sad Girl
2. Black Jesus
3. Today
4. Broken
5. Stone In My Hand
6. Weakness
7. Children's Story
8. Stay
9. My Medicine
10. Lonely Road
11. Grandma's Hands
12. Jump Around?

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