Ah, the days of going to a video store to possibly rent the latest blockbuster release on VHS or video game. Roaming the aisles endlessly if they didn't have what you wanted to find something that might be enjoyable.

Ah, the good ol' days.

When I was growing up, I had the town favorite pizza place and movie store side-by-side. It made my Saturdays to ride my bike up to them and set up my evening of gaming or movie watching.

Nowadays you just sit on your couch, chair, bed, or furniture of choice and select something on your TV, Xbox, or Tablet. What happened to actually going out in public?

Video stores are a long forgotten past-time thanks to Netflix and other video services.

It's sad to know that most kids born in the last decade or so will never know the joys of VHS or actual video rental stores. Thankfully someone made a video explaining it to them.