While searching through my own financial aid stuff for graduate school, I noticed on News 10 abc that the application cycle for the Excelsior Scholarship is now open!  Now, this doesn't apply to me as I am a graduate student.  However, for undergraduates going to SUNY and CUNY schools, tuition could be covered.  Along with obviously needing to be a resident of New York, a family's adjusted gross income also can't be over $110,000.  This scholarship is a huge opportunity for undergraduate kids.  Back when I got my degree, nothing like this existed.  I'm swimming in loans now. So as someone on the latter end of school and loans, I would encourage every kid (or parent of a college aged kid) who qualifies to complete the application! To get all of the information on the scholarship and how to apply, just head to the official http://NYS Higher Education Services Corporation website.  Good luck!