If you are going to be driving through Schenectady this week you might want to avoid these spots...

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A couple roads in Schenectady are scheduled to be closed down this week in specific spots so if you are looking for the fastest route home you might want to plan that ahead of time.

Today through Friday Fronts St. in Schenectady will be closed between Erie Boulevard and Monroe St. to all but local traffic. Next week that same portion of Front St. will me closed again Monday through Friday.  According to News10 there is some utility and roadway realignment going on as some part of the Mohawk Harbor project.

On the upside, once the work is all done you should have some pretty nice roadways to drive on. It's only a real inconvenience for if that happens to be on your weekly route or if you live in the area. But thankfully it's only for two weeks.


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