Check your mailbox because there could be a check waiting for you.

If you have recently discovered a check from Facebook in your mailbox let me reassure it is indeed a legit check from the company so feel free to go cash that puppy in!

Over the last few days tons of people have been taking to social media to post pictures of checks they have been receiving from the social media site itself. Some were skeptical on whether or not they were real checks and as it turns out indeed they are.

According to CNY Central back in 2011 a class action lawsuit was filled claiming:

 Facebook used members names, profile pictures, photos, likenesses and identities in "Sponsored Stories" without obtaining their consent.

After going through several appeals a settlement was approved by a Federal Judge in 2013 and supposedly somewhere around 125,000,000 Facebook users were notified of the settlement. In order to qualify though,

Users who had been identified as having been involved had to have filled out and submitted a claim form by 11:59 P.M. on May 2nd 2013.

So if you remember doing so, or not, you may have a check coming to you. It seems the checks are only for $15 dollars (which I'm sure is way less than Facebook made off of you) but hey, FREE money is always good right?!?