Talk about having fun with this winter weather! News 10 abc reported earlier today that a fake car, made entirely of snow, was ticketed by police.  The incident occurred in the land of our northern neighbors- Canada.  And more specifically, it was a fake DeLorean.  I also found an article about this posted by WCMH.  Reportedly what happened was that a Canadian man made a life-sized model of a DeLorean entirely out of snow as a prank.   When a cop drove by, they thought it was a real car and pulled over to ticket it for illegal parking.  Apparently the cops took it in stride and, if you check out the article by News 10 abc, left a cute note instead of an actual ticket.

Now, these were Canadian cops that left a silly note.  I'm not quite sure if cops in New York would react the same way.  I know many local cops and troopers, all around the Capital Region and the Hudson Valley.  Some that I know would probably get ticked off at the prank, and some would certainly have a laugh.  How do you feel like our Capital Region cops would act if this happened here???

Also- for any of you who have seen "Back to the Future,"  you know what a DeLorean is.  If not, just see the photo above.  It's probably a pretty big job to build a car out of snow realistic enough to fool a cop.  Though to me, unless it comes with Marty McFly as well, it's not that impressive.  Have we had anything as cool or unique built out of snow in the Capital Region?  Let us know!