My mom came to visit from the left coast over the past week so I decided I'd take her to as many Capital Region fall activities as possible while she was in town.

Fall on the west coast is exponentially different than fall on the east coast. In case you have never been to California in the fall or ever, allow me to elaborate. California, while it definitely has it's beautiful attributes, doesn't really get to experience any of the seasons. It is essentially one pretty constant temperature year round and because it seriously lacks in water the landscape is pretty much dead and brown.

So when my mom decided she was going to make her fist visit to the Capital Region I decided I was going to attempt to show her as many awesome fall activities as I possibly could while she was in town. We did everything from visiting the NYS Museum, going Apple Picking, to trying out all the chowder Troy had to offer.

While we were very successful in our adventures over the past week I do have to say that because we are fun and adults most of them ended with us indulging in all the delicious food and beverages that the Capital Region has to offer!

Here are a few pic's from our fall fun in the Capital Region if you want to check them out!