Every team has a rival and with that comes some trash talk between the fans.  However one Alabama Crimson Tide fan took things to a whole new level and poisoned two famous oak trees that are just outside of rival Auburn's campus.

College football is a different game down south.  The fans have more passion and alumni stay true to their home town school.  With that being said, sometimes those fans down south take things a little too far.  Earlier this week it was reported that the famed oak trees at Toomer's corner near the Auburn campus were poisoned.  This is resulting in the trees slowly dying so fans and students have gathered outside to pay their respects to the trees that have been there for over a century.

The man responsible for the poisoning of the tree's is 62 year old Alabama fan Harvey Updyke who was arrested and charged with criminal mischief in the first degree for poisoning the trees.   This is going way over the top when it comes to this famed rivalry.  Updyke is running out of allies too.  He can't keep a lawyer, gone through 3 already, and Alabama fans have started to take up  a collection for Auburn so they can replace the trees.  Though they can never really replace the 130 year old oaks, it is quite the statement.  Fans across the world need to learn that this isn't real life.  As a Yankee fan , I don't like the Red Sox.  However I happen to work with Mrozek who is  a huge Boston fan and you know what, we get along pretty good.  Updyke deserves whatever is coming too him because this is similar to a hate crime.