It started around Thanksgiving weekend. I saw a couple of them whiz by my home in Niskayuna. Then I was driving along Route 7 and I spotted them heading East and then West! As the leftovers dwindled the sign of the season becomes the Christmas tree decorating the top of vehicles darting around the Capital Region.

One thing I have not seen is the "mattress technique". We have all witnessed guys, yes it's always a guy, driving down the road with a mattress on top of the vehicle "tied" down with the extra security of the drivers arm out the window and hand holding onto the mattress. This technique has been employed for decades so it must be effective but not for a Christmas tree.

For a solid list of advice and safe Christmas tree transportation steps check out these AAA tips. Or you can apply some commonsense and trust the professionals at the tree farm to strap it down for you.

Just over one week ago we set out looking for a Blue Spruce to cut. The farm we went to said they had them, but they didn't. While my girlfriend searched the property as if she were looking for a lost child I guarded my tree of choice. Day turned to night, night turned to day and yet she could not find her tree. All joking aside, we found a great Douglas Fir and the lack of a Blue Spruce was the only hiccup of the day.

The reason there were no more hiccups is because I trusted the farm hands to do their job. Yes, I cut the tree down but then I was off the clock. They "shook" the tree, bailed the tree and most importantly properly tied the tree to our vehicle. For this I am happy to offer a tip and be on our way.

Now if only he could follow us home and handle the untangling of the lights.



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