With what could be some significant winter weather heading to the Albany area this Sunday night, that means any vehicles not parked in a garage will likely be covered in some measure of snow when you wake up Monday morning. And then there's that draining feeling when you walk out to your car, only to see that you'll need to spend the next 20 or 30 minutes using a flimsy brush to remove all the snow.

However, even though you may have packed it away in the back of the shed for the season, bring it out for winter. I'm talking about your leaf blower. What would normally take close to 30 minutes could take as little as 5.

Watch as 'Mad Russian Scientist' uses his Stihl leaf blower to get rid of about 7 inches of snow on his Mini Cooper in minutes.

He also uses the trick on his truck/RV, which is waaayyy better than using a brush seeing as how high the roof is. It doesn't get everything, but it gets enough. Of course, the rest will just blow off when you're driving - but try not to be that guy.

Nobody wants to spend more time outside, especially when wind chills are supposed to reach -20 this weekend, than they have to so this is a quick way to save time.

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Also, your leaf blower could also come in handy if you don't have a snow blower. It may not be able to clear your whole driveway, but if you need a quick sidewalk or just want to get the snow off your deck or front steps without shoveling, this could work just as well or maybe better.

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