British actor of film and theater, Alan Rickman passed away today, it doesn't matter whether you remember him from the "Harry Potter" movies, or "Die Hard," because you always knew it was Alan Rickman, from his voice.

Alan Rickman, was one of those actors that never disappointed, and if you saw his name in the opening credits, you always knew that the movie was probably going to be good, even if the movie turned out to be terrible.

One thing about Alan Rickman, that I found to be admirable, was how serious he took his work, for example:

I don't think i have ever been so convinced that someone thought they could "Call off Christmas," before Alan Rickman said it, and I don't think that I could take anyone else saying that seriously, unless it was Alan Rickman saying it.

All of my favorite Alan Rickman lines, are from an episode of King of the Hill, "Joust like a woman," but it's almost impossible to find as much, as a clip of the episode on Youtube.

Everyone is going to have their own favorite Alan Rickman quote, or role in a movie, and that is what today should be about, celebrating Alan Rickman.