It's almost as if we're on one of those television crime shows- because one area of the Capital Region is being turned into a SWAT training site for the FBI!

According to the Times Union, a former warehouse in Colonie located on Arrowhead Lane is going to be converted into a training site for the FBI.  The location is going to be set up apparently so that there can be special weapons and tactics training, and even be used by local police officers as well.  This is too cool to me.  As someone who's obsessed with television crime shows (even though I KNOW they're not real life), the idea of an FBI training center near where I live makes me feel super cool, and also super safe.  The project is being funded by the federal government, not the town, since it's for the FBI, so it's not known when construction will start.  You can get more info at the Times Union.



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