Of course the big race is going on today, but that's not really my bag.  I'm going to Sunday dinner at my parent's house after work, so I'm sure that I'll be forced to watch it anyway, but what is really on my mind is telling off the boss.  Do you feel me?

Stick it to the man!  I came across a cool article on msn.com about what every day people really want to say to their boss if they were socially able.  This article suits my current situation, I suppose.  I do have a day job aside from the radio station which I really can not stand,  but it pays my bills.  If I were able to tell off the CEO of the company, whom made a $16 million salary in 2009, I would tell him to lighten up on the employees that make him his money!  People in general are good, they generally work as hard as they can- sure they may need a little push, inspiration, or incentive from time to time, but they don't need to be as seriously micro-managed as this company does.  They're pushing from all directions!  Every five minutes we receive an e-mail or have a meeting about do this, or else.  Don't do that, or else!  We're not even allowed to go to the bathroom if it's not during our break?  Our cell phones have to be kept OFF of our desks out of sight unless we are on break?  Give ME a break, and more than 15 minutes please!  I usually work an average of 60 hours a week, and I work hard, I give my all.  Stop pushing, because you're going to lose your brightest employees and really be left with the monkeys whom will put up with the BS that you've been dishing out lately!  Monkeys don't have human brains, monkeys produce low customer and client satisfaction and lose even more money.   Be a realistic employer.


Ranting feels good.

On that note, a quote from the article that also seems to fit:

What do you want to tell the boss?    "You are a  hypocrite."-- Anonymous

I have no anonymity here.  :)  What would YOU tell your boss?

Check out the article on msn.com:

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