A lot of you are spending way more time at home as we try to flatten the curb during the coronavirus crisis. Why not use that time to learn to jam on the guitar, ukulele or bass. You never know, you could be the next Eric Clapton on guitar, Geddy on bass....or....um Tiny Tim on Ukulele.

Tiny Tim And Wife Vicki
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Fender, the makers of some of the most iconic guitars in the world, is offering free lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele for the next three months. This is a limited time offer and it's only open for the first 100,000.

So, whether the lessons are for you while you're "working from home" or for your kids jump on this great deal.

According to www.fender.com the online lessons offer:

  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Professional-quality video
  • Track your progress
  • Learn by playing songs you love
  • Practice anywhere, any time, on any device
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