I’m shocked on two accounts about this. 1st, it's usually washed up 80's bands that can't even fill half of a club show that try this, not bands that sell out arenas year after year. 2nd, I can't figure out why it took Kiss so long to get put one of these together.

This 5 day cruise goes from Miami to the Bahamas and back from Oct 13th-17th. And as a Kiss fan it sounds pretty cool as you will get 2 shows from the guys. One official full on show with electric guitars and make up. And then a separate acoustic performance where the band will play requests. (I saw that type of set in Boston the night before they taped MTV Unplugged, it was awesome!) TheKissKruise.com has all the details of other activities and the best part is, I think there are still spots available with prices starting at $895.

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