Tiki Bar boat rides are coming to Lake George this summer and I think I need to make a reservation STAT!

Okay seriously, this need to happen this summer! Last year I remember seeing pictures of a floating tiki bar on Lake George but I was super disappointed when I learned that it was someones private vessel and unless I somehow managed to hunt them down and befriend them my chance of getting a ride were slim to none.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I came across a facebook page in my news feed called Tiki Tours and after a few clicks I discovered that he actually got a lot of response from his tiki bar boat that he decided to turn it into a business opportunity and this summer you can take a Tiki Boat Tour around Lake George!

The boat holds 6 people and for $50 a piece you can ride around on a floating Tiki Bar (which is BYOB by the way) for 90 minutes and they provide you with a Captain, a deckhand, life jackets and safety gear, and there's even supposed to be a port-a-potty of some sort on board!

The real cool part about it is that this is a completely local business run by the folks over at Capital City Cycle Tours (they rent the 15 person bikes you can ride throughout the city) and even the boats are made locally by Tiki Boatworks in Colonie!

Now, the website says they are booking tours now, pending local gov. approval. However, according to the Post Star that approval is now in effect! So get your reservations in before they fill up for the summer!

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