Well, said incident sure captivated the entire Capital Region about this time last week. After hitting the Amtrak bridge, the owner says the boat may not be a loss.

Late last week the entire Capital Region had their eyes glued to social media and news outlets waiting to see the outcome of the local icon Captain JP. It ended pretty quickly after it struck the Livingston Bridge in Albany. WNYT has a video showing the boat hitting and then being escorted back to its home. The later shows the damage to the back of the vessel a little better.

This damage doesn't look terribly bad. But this is a boat. The owner Jim Pledger has said according to WNYT that he does not believe the boat is a total loss.

By the way, you should check out the article from WNYT if for nothing else to hear all of their descriptions of the incident like "Maritime Mayhem" and "Havoc on The Hudson"

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