Flaming Lips are taking their connection with candy and desire to appeal to all of your senses even further. Frontman Wayne Coyne recently Instagrammed a photo of a large chocolate brain, complete with all the the crevices and folds. He then revealed that every single one of the band's recordings will be issued inside these life-sized choco-noggins. It's so cerebral and so sweet -- literally. Sounds delish ... we think.

The singer captioned the yummy image with the following details:

Coming soon !!!! Life size chocolate human brain containing every Flaming Lips recording ever made...

The chocolate-anatomy thing factors heavily in Lips' lore, but this one seems to be the mother of all their sweet and special packages. It follows a Valentine's Day offering that included chocolates designed to look like the anatomical human hearts and packed with USB drives. And it's not just the human body they're interested in: The group once issued material with a lickable psychedelic gummy frog.

The head is also a recurring image, as the Lips once dispensed physical copies of their cover of the Beatles 'Revolution' -- which was five hours long -- in USB drives encased in chromed human skulls.

Good chocolate and good music – what more could you ask for in life? While a chocolate brain seems slightly cannibalistic, this is the Flaming Lips we're talking about. For whatever reason, it just makes sense.