Fans counting down the seconds until the April 2 release of the Flaming Lips' 13th studio album, 'The Terror,' will have to reset their stopwatches -- the band has pushed back the disc's release two weeks, to April 16. But that doesn't mean we'll have to wait nearly a month to hear the songs on 'The Terror,' because frontman Wayne Coyne and co. premiered the album in its entirety over the weekend SXSW -- and lucky for us, one dedicated fan managed to capture audio of the whole set and has post it online for our listening pleasure. 

"We've always tried to do the thing that we really, really want the world to see when we come to SXSW," Coyne tells the crowd at the start of the show. "We always feel like the people that came to SXSW want to see something radical, so we have a record that none of you have heard, and we have a little bit of a show that even we haven't seen. So if we f--- up a couple of times and have to start again, when you go back home don't tell anybody that happened. Just say the Lips had it together, OK? I don't know what's going to happen, but we love you guys. We love you guys!"

With that, the Lips launched into the repetitive synth melody that opens 'Look ... The Sun Is Rising,' the first cut off the nine-track disc. (It's also the first single; listen to the studio version online here.) Check out the whole thing below.

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