What do Flounder and Smashing Pumpkins have in common?

I like the fall. The weather finally cools down to the temperature my body was apparently made for. As a bald guy, hoodies are the best thing ever, as are skull caps, and neither are very comfortable in hot weather.

There is one thing I hate about the fall though. Pumpkin. The word itself makes me a little queasy. In a world where everyone loves pumpkin everything, I try to avoid it all. It all goes back to third grade when I was attending Emma Willard (true fact). It was decided that third graders should cook thanksgiving for the class, I was on team pumpkin pie.

I remember vividly, the way the 'pumpkin' looked coming out of the can to be used as filling. It looked greasy, moved like a sludge and had a smell about it that still haunts me to this day. We made a pumpkin pie, and I ate some of that pumpkin pie. I have never thrown up more in my life. It's as if I had become a vomit factory with an insatiable quota to fill.

Needless to say, I avoid pumpkins like the plague. Now for some reason, breweries have decided to start putting pumpkin spice into their beers, because fall. I'm sure there will be a lot of these at Troy On Tap, happening Saturday, September 19 at the Riverfront park in Troy, but fear not, there will be other selections as well. Rogue beers have yet to disappoint me, and Kuka has some weird combinations, but make them taste delicious (I'm looking at you Banana Nut Brown Ale) and both will be on hand for Troy On Tap.