An early version of the Foo Fighters’ 2002 full-length, One By One, has surfaced online.

Following the Foos’ initial recording sessions for One By One, the band was dissatisfied with the resulting tracks and tension began to boil over between the bandmates. Ultimately, Dave Grohl and company returned to the frontman's Alexandria, Va.-based studio to record a new set of songs that would appear on their fourth album. The original recordings have become known as the Million Dollar Demos, and an anonymous Reddit user has now shared them online.

Another Reddit user -- a moderator for the Foo Fighters Reddit page -- has pointed out the Million Dollar Demos download:

For some reason, an anonymous Redditor made a new account, whose only post is a download link for the 'Million Dollar Demos.' This is the first time these have been made available in their entirety to the public, and have been sought after by die-hard fans (myself included) for the last 13 years. Most of the songs are similar to their final counterparts, while other songs like "Come Back" and "Lonely As You" are drastically different.

Million Dollar Demos includes 11 tracks in all, but only its versions of “Low,” “Times Like These,” “Disenchanted Lullaby” and “Tired of You” made it on to One By One. Another two tracks, “Walking a Line” and “Normal,” were released as B-sides, while “Have It All” and “Come Back” leaked online prior to Million Dollar Demos making its way online in its entirety. Check out the complete tracklist below:

Million Dollar Demos Tracklist
1. "All My Life"
2. "Low"
3. "Walking a Line"
4. "Have It All"
5. "Times Like These"
6. "Disenchanted Lullaby"
7. "Tired of You"
8. "Halo"
9. "Normal"
10. "Lonely As You"
11. "Overdrive"
12. "Burn Away"
13. "Come Back"

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