Food Trucks have been on the rise in Albany over the last year with more and more trucks popping up at major locations for lunchtime service. For the most part, Food Trucks have been a major staple in major cities from New York to San Francisco but only now is just making it's mark here locally.

Tim Taney, owner of the Slidin Dirty, has been around since the start of the craze and will be joining many others for the Food Truck Festival this Saturday at the Riverfront Park in Troy as we spotlight this new(er) version of "fast food on the go" in the Capitol District.

Tim sat down with Wes Styles to talk about the Food Truck craze, his inspirations for the venture, and what he looks forward to seeing this Saturday.

We do gourmet sliders, gourmet appetizers, tacos every once in a while


Think of a gourmet burger shrunk down... with everything from avocados to jalapeno... to fried tomatoes. We take a different spin on the burger.


We can fit about 4 people on the truck but we can crank it out. We have a full kitchen on there. It's an old FedEx truck that we reformed into a kitchen.


What's best about the festival for me is... I as excited as everyone else to check out some of the other trucks.


Check out the full interview below and join us this Saturday from Noon to 7pm for the Food Truck Festival at the Riverfront Park in Troy: