Have you gone to the mailbox only to open it up and see nothing? I am sure you have but after a few days I would start to think something wasn't quite right. Surely someone has a bill for me to pay. Maybe your mail carrier just decided not to deliver the mail. Thousands of pieces of mail!

According to News10 ABC, a Cobleskill man has admitted to not delivering 5,833 pieces of mail! The postal worker stated that he took the mail to Sharon Springs to dump. Originally all 5,833 pieces were to be delivered to Central New York. This happened between January 1, 2019, and July 24, 2019. This guy could go to jail for 5 years!!

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Here are some other poor choices made that resulted in arrest:

New York Post - A man from Guyana tried to smuggle 29 birds, hidden in rollers, through JFK International Airport. He was caught, flown home and ordered to pay $300 fine.

Policemag.com - Two guys from Florida were driving one day and ended up going a little too fast at 25 miles over the speed limit. Wouldn't be a huge deal if it wasn't for the drugs they had in the car...lots of drugs...in bags...that say 'Bag Full of Drugs' on them.

New York Post - Dude from Ohio walks into his own bank, the one he frequents regularly, hands the teller a robbery note complete with his name and address on it. He got away with $206 until he was arrested shortly after.

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