Yay!! My hometown made the list, oh wait. This is not a list you should take pride in your city being on. On second thought maybe I should move.

All joking aside, it sucks that as an area we have four cities on the list. Crime is inevitable in any larger city so in theory, I shouldn't be all too shocked about some of these towns making the list. I will say at least none of the towns in the area cracked the top five worst ones in New York.

  • Number 19: Gloversville, NY
  • Number 12: Troy, NY
  • Number 10: Schenectady, NY
  • Number 8: Albany, NY

So yeah, if you had asked me to guess I probably would have said three of those four, still. I hate seeing a good portion of the area plagued with bad crime rates.

At least we aren't Niagra Falls.

Do you live in one of these cities? Whats the worst area in each in your opinion?