The economy is still a cesspool, Occupy protestors are now annoying everybody, Egypt and Greece are both about to fall off the face of the Earth, and this is what Fox News is interested in?  The Muppet Movie?  FN, do the world a favor and die already.  Better not expect House to save you either.


Go here to watch a video if you feel like being pissed off.  Don't forget the requisite eye rolls either. 

Do you really expect to be taken seriously when you're enlightened discussion focuses on a kid movie?  The kind of kid movie that stars characters YOU watched yourself when you were 8 years old???  I wonder if the Fox News agenda is to strictly provide endless fodder for the Daily Show because at this point, it's just sad.

 At one point in the “debate,” reference is made to Captain Planet as another brainwasher and that these kinds of movies/role-models attack the oil industry.  So what you’re saying is that we should REALLY be decrying a figure that urges people to recycle and keep the planet a habitable place where we don’t exhaust our planets resources to the point of killing ourselves?  You’re right, I completely see your point, go big oil! – no, wait, that’s backwards.

 Obviously, oil is necessary, but those that exploit it at the expense of a suffering economy and discourage the use of renewable resources to be utilized in place of oil are PRECISELY the ones we should see as villains in movies, tv shows, and real life.  So I say good job to “liberal Hollywood” and eagerly await any Muppet Sequel in the works with the next bad guy looking to put a nuclear reactor on the site of the beloved Muppet theater.

If you want kids to see oil companies as role models that benefit society and future generations, then act like adults and start taking care of this world instead of aiding in its deterioration.

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