In a constant effort to shed light and awareness on certain issues in our communities, Sesame Street has done it again. They are introducing another new character to help to understand foster care. Sesame Street has done it again to try and raise awareness about the foster care system. According to ABC News, there is a new muppet on Sesame Street named Karli. She is a young muppet in foster care currently living with her "for-now" parents.

With the "Sesame Street in Communities" program, they are able to tackle some tough issues like homelessness and traumatic experiences. Karli's character represents this program that provides free resources for caregivers on different types of topics.

On the Sesame Street website, they explained why Karli is so important to help people understand the foster care system.

We are excited to announce a new @SesameCommunity initiative to support foster children, foster parents, & providers who serve foster families. With the help of Karli, a Muppet in foster care, these resources aim to reassure children & help them feel safe

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