Local rising music star Frank Palangi has been a busy man over the past year. He has been nonstop writing, recording and playing venues in order to promote himself as a solo artist and recruit fans wherever possible. It seems to be working, as he grows in popularity everyday and is musically advancing to the next level. He has just put out his second EP 'I Am Ready,' which you can listen to and download now. Read on for more information. 

Frank boldly emerged into the music scene in August 2011 with his self-titled debut EP, which featured popular tracks "I'm Waiting" (single released in 2008) and "Driving These Lines." He initially won his fans over with his voice, talent, personality and charming good looks. That has now blossomed into a successful music career that spans throughout New York and parts of the east coast, with some of his biggest fans all the way down in sunny Florida.

Then, in March 2012 Frank held his fans over with his hit single "I Am Ready," which is still perhaps his most popular tune to date. With his second release in tow he continued to spread Palangi joy throughout New York while staying true to his hometown of Queensbury, where he performs often. Recently he enlisted solo female artist Margo Macero to pay alongside him at a number of his shows.

Frank's newest EP was released just two days ago and features the album's title track "I Am Ready" along with five other, newer tracks including bonus demo "Last Wish." "Frozen" and "Thank You," which Frank has played at past shows, are also featured on the EP. He holds down all the vocals with occasional back-up from Joe Carroll and TR Remsen. Other guest appearances include Lester Estelle Jr. on drums, Noah Henson and   Jacob Veal (Eowyn) on guitars and the well-known producer Rob Coates on bass.

The album is available for download via CDBaby and Amazon for a very reasonable price and will be up for grabs at iTunes within a week or two, so keep your eyes peeled!

Listen to "I Am Ready" below for a sneak preview of what the EP sounds like: